The Fitch Rating scores are formed by a letter code from D to A. The A is the best rating and the D is the worst. The repetition of the letter means that the rating score is better, meaning that CC < CCC. A sign (-,+), at the end, can modify the rating. There are 26 possibilities. Sometimes, if there is a country whose debt can't be rated, because is suffering a conflict for instance, the rating score will be "-".

     You can find more information about the Fitch rating at the following links:

  • Rating Criteria reports
  • Rating Definitions
  • Rating History XLS (Data Source)



    "Debt Rating Browser" snapshot. Click on the image to view the interactive visualization

    Debt Rating Browser is a data visualization that allows users to explore the sovereign debt Ratings History published by "Fitch Inc." from February 1994 until July 2011. In order to provide a generic context to these ratings, the Debt Rating Browser also displays  150 news. These news are the most relevant published in the economy and business sections of The Guardian for the selected country. Bestiario has developed the Debt Ratings Browser using Impure, a free data visualization tool.


    In order to understand the Debt Ratings Browser the following brief description explains what's the meaning and how each visualization elements works:

    1.- DEBT MAP

    The Debt map associates each country with its debt rating in a selected date. Each rating score is associated with a color that fills a simplified geographical polygon of the country. You can select a country by clicking on it. There aren't any Fitch ratings to the diagonal gray line filled countries and therefore they can not be selected.


    The Date Selector slider allows users to select a date within the time interval February 1994 - July 2011. This action updates the rating colors of the map to the selected date.


    This multicolored list displays all the Fitch published ratings on the last 100 days prior to the selected Date. Each item details the country and the exact date of the rating as well as the long and sort term rating and the outlook. The color is also associated to the long-term rating.

    4.- TIMELINE

    The timeline sets the Fitch Ratings and the Guardian News to a selected country in a temporal frame. It provides a way to explore the economy of the selected country and the correlation between its debt rating and its economic perception in the media. In some cases there is a strong correlation between rating debt and news marking economic events and crisis. The news can be selected. A selected new can be read in the news displayer.



    The news displayer allows users to have a fast look onto the news. The title and the byline are displayed in the top box. The body of the news is displayed in the second box and at the end there is a link to visit the news site in the bottom box. Some news are not available through the guardian API and it is necessary clicking this link to read it.